£30 per entry plus Event Passes.

1st Trophy + £200, Trophies for 2nd and 3rd places.

All dance styles are permitted

Open to all, this category gives dancers the opportunity to perform their own, original, choreographed routine to music chosen by them and open to any dance style. Airsteps are allowed. Couples are defined as 1 Leader and 1 follower.

Originality is important to the Judges in the scoring of this category and your Showcase routine is to last a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Your time starts from the first movement or sound of your routine. Exceeding the maximum time allowed of 5 minutes may result in you losing marks.

If your Showcase routine requires any time to set your scene, you will be permitted a maximum of 1 minute prior to the start of your routine and 1 minute to clear away after its completion. This is competitor’s sole responsibility.

A copy of your chosen music is to be supplied on CD or other compatible electronic device as the only track, clearly marked with competitor’s names and handed to the organiser by no later than Noon on the day of the competition.

Competitors will be judged in accordance with the internationally recognised Relative Placement scoring method