Category Rules

Please see each individual category for it's specific rules and prizes. Prize monies will be subject to minimum number entries.

The general rules, applicable to all categories, are provided below

Knowing the Rules

All competitors should read these rules carefully prior to participating in the competition. Competitors are responsible for adhering to these rules whether they have read them or not. The Judge’s decision on all competition matters is final.

Definition of teacher or professional dancer

The organiser’s definition of a teacher is someone who is a paid, or an unpaid instructor of a dance student/s on a frequent basis or is a professional dancer.

Minimum Age

Competitors must be at least 15 years of age to participate in these Championships.

Judging criteria

Modern Jive is above all a fun social partner dance and judges will be looking for dancing that encourages lead and follow partner dancing at its best and will consider the following in their judgment…

… Connection/Teamwork between dance partners

… Musical interpretation

… Content/Variety/Contrast

… Timing

… Technique

… Showmanship


Competitors are not allowed to wear any form of clothing whilst on the dance floor that promotes any dance organisation or dance event. Please respect this rule, as we wouldn't want to embarrass or offend anyone.

Competitor Numbers

Must be pinned on at least the top two corners.

… Must be worn on your back, hips or bottom Do NOT wear on your arms or legs.

… For couples/trio competitions, only the leader wears a number.

… In the preliminary rounds of Take a Chance and Jack & Jill both leaders and followers wear their own distinctive numbers. Only the leader wears a number once you subsequently become a dance couple.

Britroc Ltd reserves the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

Britroc Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss or injury to persons or possessions in relation to this event.

Personal video recording is ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED