Open Fixed Partners

£40 per couple plus Event Passes.

1st Trophy + £300 – Trophies for 2nd and 3rd places.

Open to all levels of dancer

This category is for the best of the best modern jive dancers and open to all who wish to take up the challenge. Couples will dance to music selected by the organiser. A maximum of 2 Airsteps will be permitted per track but inclusion of them does not mean you will be marked higher than someone who does not include them during their dance. A minimum of 70% is to be recognisable as modern jive.

An airstep is a move where both feet can be above the waist and 2 are permitted, as is a straddle jump where the dance partners separate for a brief time. Other moves where one partners foot is above the knee but below the waist is permitted.  "The waist level is the waist level whatever position you adopt". In general the judges will be looking for the flow of the dance and the connection between the partners in tune with the music selected by the organisers.

Couples will be required to dance this category in spotlight.

A minimum number of 6 Leaders and 6 followers required, a lesser number may be allowed at the organisers discretion.

Competitors will be judged in accordance with the internationally recognised Relative Placement scoring method.