Bristol LeRoc supports Britroc

Sponsor: Bristol LeRoc


Bristol LeRoc is the original LeRoc club in Bristol started by Michel Gay. He was one of the founders

of LeRoc, in the UK. I was trained by Michel, he has since retired but does take an interest in the development

of the dance.  For this reason, I chose to sponsor this category, I am so proud of the growth, passion, and controversy it creates: it is a people's Dance it is open to interpretation.

Air steps in modern jive, when done properly, is breath taking and astounding. This can be likened to an art form in its own right and like many art forms require a lot of skill and trust between dancers.

Bristol LeRoc is sponsoring the Air Steps section of Britroc 2012 to encourage others to learn and aspire to the level of the winners of this section.